What Makes China Technologically So Superior?

The rise of China as a global technology leader has been a remarkable phenomenon. Unlike the Soviet Union, China’s technological capacity has developed under the strong will of a centralized government. This government is able to shape industrial policy, and is leveraging its growing role in international markets to acquire advanced technologies. China is often a partner of foreign interests looking to gain access to the rapidly growing Chinese market. Ultimately, China’s technological superiority should help it remain the world leader for the next several decades.

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In the past, China relied on foreign technology to achieve spectacular growth. However, the situation has changed drastically today. China has a thriving technology sector. Today, foreign companies are competing with Chinese firms for a share of the Chinese market. As a result, China can pick and choose areas to rely on foreign technology while advancing its own industry. While the United States can’t fully eliminate all of China’s technology-intensive industries, it can use the continued flow of American universities and companies to its advantage.

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In the field of artificial intelligence, China is ahead of the U.S. in research and development. In a 2020 Deloitte survey, 48% of Americans said that autonomous vehicles were unsafe – while only 35% of Chinese respondents said the same. China’s 5G infrastructure will allow Chinese car companies to test 5G technology in various situations, including beaming map data to cars. Someday, this technology could allow remote control of vehicles.

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