SunTV – A Look at the Different Channels That Are Part of SunTV

SunTV is an Indian mass media company that belongs to the Sun Group. It is one of the largest TV networks in Asia. Founded in 1992 by Kalanithi Maran, it owns several television channels and radio stations. In addition to its main network, the Sun Group also owns other media companies such as Sun Direct, a radio station based in Dubai, and several regional newspapers. Here, we take a look at the different channels that are part of SunTV

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In 1996, Sun TV Ltd. changed its name to Sun TV Limited, which was granted a fresh certificate of incorporation. The name “Sun TV” is one of the most commonly recognized TV logos in South India and Malayalam. The company launched three more FM radio stations under the brand name S FM. In 2006, Sun TV channels worddocx went to pay mode, and the company increased advertisement rates from 5% to 27%. Today, SunTV is one of the most popular Indian regional TV networks, and its reach is expanding


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