All You Need to Know About Xfinity Self Protection

Xfinity by Comcast is USA’s most reliable, popular and in demand internet service provider due to its speed, accessibility and user-friendliness. Xfinity comes with countless perks for its customers and adds value to each one of its services. Besides TV, Home Phone, and Internet, Xfinity has a Self-Protection service that comes with smart home devices such as cameras, locks, doorbells, and sensors that ensure you home security. Well, in this article we will discuss all you need to know about Xfinity Self Protection plans. So, read along and learn for yourself.

Pro tip: to get the best out of your Xfinity bill, subscribe to Xfinity internet package and rent out the xFi gateway along with your self-protection plan. This will add an extra layer of convenience as well as security.

Make Your Own Plan

First of all, Xfinity sells convenience, and when it comes to Xfinity Self Protection, you can select your own plan depending on your requirement. There are three Xfinity home security plans that go from basic to premium. Well, these plans come with all necessary home security services as well as equipment. You get multiple security cameras, keypads, sensors, locks, as well as entry kits.

All of this powered with xFi gateway makes your perfect self-protection plan.

Home Security Cameras

Well, the first thing that comes with the smart home security are Xfinity Home’s outdoor/indoor security cameras. You can choose for yourself up to six cameras that you can connect directly to your xFi gateway and Xfinity Home App. You can access the footage from these cameras anywhere and control them remotely.

The picture quality is Night Vision and HD. Besides, the camera allows you to stay connected with two-way audio, detects motion, and they are easy to install yourself. Therefore, even if you are away, you can always have access to your entire home footage, and just in case you have to re watch something or find something, the cloud has the footage saved of up to seven days.

Kwikset Smart Locks

You can add up to three of the Kwikset Smart Locks to the self-protection plan for your home. These locks are efficient enough to allow your friends and family in even if you are not home. They go well with the rest of your devices and can be accessed through the Xfinity app. You get complete access to your home’s entryways even when you are not at home which makes things very convenient.

Besides, it notifies of locks and unlocks, and the auto lock-feature can save you in times when you forget to lock/unlock the house.

Xfinity Video Doorbell

The Video Doorbell with Xfinity allows you to see whoever is at the door by providing you an HD Night Vision head to toe view of outside the door. This way you can see from inside the house or on your app remotely, whoever is at the door. You can check if motion has been detected, you can receive people remotely, and with the two way audio, you can also speak with whoever is at the door. This way, you get a complete HD audio-visual experience with your Video Doorbell.

Integrate Other Smart Devices with Xfinity Home

Well, with the help of xFi gateway device, you not only secure your entire network, it works as a hub for all your devices. You can connect your Xfinity home with the xFi gateway to make it work in integration and at its full capacity. Besides, you can connect even non Xfinity smart devices and make them a part of your smart home by adding them to your hub. The xFi gateway works as a hub, it creates your network and promises to keep the network private and secure.

Get Real Time Alerts

When it comes to your smart home devices by Xfinity, all you devices are connected to one network and you can access them all from the Xfinity home app. The devices are connected to your smart phone and whenever motion is detected on either the cameras, video doorbell, or the entryways, you get real time alerts. The equipment is smart and efficient enough to notify you of any kinds of threats or even potential threats. It alerts you when camera detects motion or if one of your smart door locks are being tampered. So, with the real times notifications you can always stay up to date with your home.

Remote Access in Real Time

With the app and 20 million nationwide hotspots provides by Xfinity you can remotely access your home system whenever you want even on the go. The hotspots are secure for Xfinity users and make it easier for you to access your system whenever you want in order to check on your house, monitor things, or even control the technology in the house.

Easily Search Footage on Cloud

The efficient and smart system of the home system allows you to use the footage and find whatever you want from the cloud later. You can categorize and filter the footage search by people, pets, or even a vehicle activity. So, even if something has happened that you need to see on your cameras, your camera’s efficient system makes it easier for you by adding filters.

Final Thoughts

Well, if you are someone who wants to secure their house and are considering economical as well as value adding options, Xfinity self-protection can be your ultimate solution. You can power it alongside you internet package and the xFi gateway device for added value and convenience. Besides, the xFi gateway along with its multiple functions works as a hub for your entire network. If you are looking for affordability, Xfinity comes with a variety of other benefits such as free Xfinity Flex as well as Peacock premium. You should definitely not miss Xfinity Self Protection and do not forget to bundle it because when you get multiple services you get to save a lot and gain a lot more.
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